Why Small Metasearch Channels Can Be Your Secret Weapon

3 min readApr 1, 2024


We get it. The allure of the giant metasearch channel (we all know the ones) is undeniable. It’s the travel industry’s Times Square, a flashing billboard promising millions of eyeballs on your flights. But hold your horses, OTA and airline warriors, before you get swept up in the big-channel frenzy. Here’s why integrating with smaller metasearch channels might be the secret weapon you’ve been overlooking.

Beyond the Big Kahuna: Spreading Your Wings for Safety and Reach

Think of the big channel as a high-wire act. Sure, the potential audience is massive, but one wrong step (a platform glitch, a policy change) and your flight listings could be plummeting. Diversifying by integrating with smaller metasearch channels creates a safety net. These channels act like a travel safety harness, ensuring your flights reach a wider audience no matter what the big boys are up to. But it’s not just about safety — it’s about expanding your reach. Smaller channels often cater to specific niches, like budget backpackers, luxury globetrotters, or adventure junkies. Imagine your perfectly-priced Caribbean fares landing in front of beach-bumming bargain hunters on a dedicated budget travel channel, or your luxurious around-the-world itineraries captivating high-rollers on a high-end business travel platform. Talk about targeted marketing magic!

Small Doesn’t Mean Shoestring: Big Value for Budget-Conscious Flyers

Let’s face it, the big channel can come with a hefty price tag, like a luxury airport lounge that charges by the minute. Smaller channels, on the other hand, are more like cozy, comfortable cafes — they offer competitive pricing for integrations. This can be a game-changer for budget-conscious airlines and OTAs. You can reach a whole new audience of potential flyers without burning a hole in your marketing budget. Think of it as stretching your marketing dollars further, allowing you to invest in other areas like improving your in-flight entertainment or those oh-so-important complimentary snacks.

From Faceless Platform to Flight Fanatic Friend: Building Relationships that Take Off

The beauty of smaller channels lies in the personalized approach. Unlike the big, impersonal behemoth, you’ll likely have a dedicated account manager you can actually talk to, someone who isn’t just another face in the crowd. This account manager becomes your travel industry wingman, understanding your specific needs and helping you optimize your campaigns to get the most out of your integration. It’s a chance to build a real relationship, a partnership where both sides are invested in your success. Imagine having someone in your corner who gets your airline’s unique selling points and can champion them to the right audience. Now that’s a recipe for flight bookings taking off!

The Long Tail Takes Flight: Capturing Hidden Gems in the Travel Search Landscape

Picture the travel search landscape as a giant, mythical creature. The big channel is the head, the most prominent part attracting the most attention. But don’t forget about the long tail — the countless smaller, niche channels that collectively represent a significant portion of travelers. These are the hidden gems, the unexplored territories teeming with potential customers. By integrating with these channels, you tap into this valuable market segment, capturing bookings you might have otherwise missed. It’s like having a secret weapon that unlocks a whole new market — a loyal following of travelers who are passionate about the kind of flights you offer.

The Final Boarding Call: Diversification is Your Ticket to Success

The big metasearch channel is a powerhouse, no doubt. But underestimating the power of incorporating smaller, specialized channels into your flight distribution strategy is a big mistake. Diversification, targeted marketing, cost-effectiveness, and personalized service — these are just some of the benefits that can give your flights a lift and keep you soaring ahead of the competition. So, the next time you’re planning your distribution channels, remember — think small, dream big, and watch your flights take off to new heights!




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